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Welcome to GUYZ!

We are committed to providing a safe, clean and private environment for men to socialise. With our extensive facilities and services, we welcome all to enjoy the comfort of this intimate venue. Relaxed yet lively. Friendly & unpretentious.
Welcome all men!

Our facilities include Private Play Rooms, Glory Holes, Showers, Spa Pool, Lockers, Blackout Maze, X Rated Theatre, Sauna, Movie & TV Lounge, Internet and much more.We provide our guests with free lubricant and condoms. Tea, Coffee and Snacks available.

Meeting other men at GuyZ is just like meeting someone in a bar. Show your interest by striking up a conversation or give a friendly wink and nod. What you do together is up to the two of you. Please set your own boundaries. A No means No, so please don't be offended if you get one. Our staff are on hand if assistance is required.

Pay $20 Entry fee and receive a towel & locker to put your clothes in. Shower regardless of if you've had one at home or not. Entry fee pays for the day. Come and go as you wish until we close. you'll receive a new towel and locker on your return.

Bring your phone - there is free Wifi. But please only use

Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 12pm - 10pm.

butt naked thursday
  • Towels Off  (Small Towel Provided)
  • loads of fun
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saturdaysnuddy saturdays
  • no towel in the play areas
  • great music
  • 12pm to 10pm
Purchase Now and Receive 30% Off!